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Where It All Began

Vendura Industries began in the mid-1960s as Venetian Marble of Madison. It produced mainly marble surfaces, such as baths and sinks, for residential applications. Solid marble was the surface of choice for homes at the time. After undergoing a change of hands in 1987, business was booming. Just a few years later, Vendura decided to discontinue selling marble surfaces, and began to focus entirely on their unique composite solid surface product. Today, Vendura outfits not only homes, but hotels, hospitals, clinics, military and municipal buildings, private firms, and many more on a regular basis, all with our our one-of-a-kind product.

In the early 2000s, Vendura’s market began to expand into the healthcare industry. By hiring employees with experience in marketing specifically to this industry, we dramatically increased our involvement in outfitting medical facilities across the nation. This involvement was augmented by our association with the largest Healthcare Corporation in Nashville, a leader and owner of over 155 hospitals and other medical facilities across the United States. In mid-2014, we were named the Preferred Vendor of Shower and Related Materials. Today, we have outfitted dozens of medical facilities across the country, with many more to come.

On top of these exciting new ventures, Vendura has continued to do business with major contractors, architects, and facilities owners . We have experienced representatives working out of Madison, Chicago, and Nashville to bring in more business and name recognition in the solid surface industry. Even with this widespread involvement, Vendura has stayed true to its roots. All of our surfaces are fabricated start to finish in Monona, Wisconsin, in the same plant, by the same people. Speaking of the people, Vendura is proud to boast tremendous employee loyalty and satisfaction. We credit our endlessly hardworking and passionate team with being the main reason Vendura remains the top choice for solid surfaces.


Vendura Solid Surface is a polyester, acrylic-modified, cast-polymer solid surface. Vendura undergoes rigorous testing for structural integrity and ensures resistance to an array of chemicals as well as temperature changes.

Vendura is one of just a handful of Solid Surface manufacturers nationally to receive the coveted National Association of Home Builders certification.



Customized for Strength, Beauty, and Value

Customized for Strength, Beauty, and Value

Every inch of a Vendura Solid Surface is rendered in rich tones and motifs that create elegance and individuality. Colors can be customized to coordinate with any décor in any space or setting.

Vendura offers quality, sophistication, easy care, and durability, all at a low price. Let the professionals at Vendura create a timeless beauty in your home, office, business, or home away from home.

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Where It Comes From

Where It Comes From

All but one of the raw materials used to make our surfaces are procured from sources in the United States.

The only raw material that isn’t from a US source is the Polygiene antimicrobial additive used in some of our products. This material is from Sweden, and is currently the only silver-based antimicrobial additive on the market that works in solid surface products. It is added to our product in such miniscule quantities that Vendura solid surfaces still meet the “Made in USA” requirement of being comprised of 98% or more domestic raw materials.

The resin that we use originates in Kentucky. The fillers originate in Alabama and New York. The initiators originate in Texas. The colorants originate in Tennessee and North Carolina. The granules originate in Michigan and Arizona. All of our machinery is from the United States, too.

It all comes together at our plant in Madison, WI, where Vendura products have been fabricated from start to finish since the mid 1960s.

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