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Product Manufacturing

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Creativity, flexibility, accountability. Why do contractors, designers, and architects like Vendura?
  • We design, mix, cast and fabricate the best solid surface in the healthcare industry. The most consist colors, best homogeneity, and designed for your specific need. Do you want to work with the best in the industry?

  • Vendura is consistently contacted by customers to solve their shower base needs. Size, configuration, ADA, bariatric, drain location, color….. there isn’t much that we haven’t seen.

  • We have a wonderful line of groutless panels. You can intermix almost any grout color with any back ground color.

  • Did I mention the safest line of ligature resistant shower drains? Use with our shower bases or someone else's.

  • What can we help you with?

Vendura Products

Vendura is a manufacturer.


Since 1965, Vendura has been producing solid surface in the United States. We are an entrepreneurial company that incorporates unique tools and habits that consistently focuses on the customer.

Our Solid-Surfaces are 100% renewable.

Vendura prides itself on it’s repairability and renewability. We regularly design custom colors that contain up to 20% re-grind. What better way to achieve sustainability then repairing instead of replacing.

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"Arts and sciences are branches of the same tree"

~ Albert Einstein



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Markets Served

  • Healthcare

  • Behavioral Health

  • Commercial

  • Education

  • Military

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