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Ligature Resistant Shower Drains

The safest, most innovative, shower drains on the market.

(Patent Pending)

The safest shower drain in the industry, period.


Together with Behavioral Health professionals, Vendura has developed the safest most innovative drain yet. The 500010 (used in both new construction and already installed drain bodies) uses a unique channel configuration and capping system that virtually eliminates the ability to tie-off or hide contraband. Our creative use of tamper resistant screws make-it almost impossible to remove the drain from the drain body.


Exact replacement for the SD-500000

The SD-500007 is a direct replacement for Vendura's existing ligature-resistant shower drain cover. Deep drain channels with water port caps limit the ability for hooking, tying-off and hiding contraband.


Vendura's original Ligature-Resistant Shower Drain Cover

Simple, affordable and effective. The SD-500000 is a small hole drain cover secured with 3 tamper-resistant screws.

5000XX_Shower Drain.jpg

Vendura is well known for it’s ligature resistant shower drain line. The newest member to the family is the Linear Drain. Beautiful in its simplicity, it improves upon our current design by drastically reducing the amount of tie-off points by eliminating 100% of the drain slots. This makes it much safer for the end user.

Because this new linear cover is designed specifically for Vendura’s shower base geometry, it only ships as a component of our bases.

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