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Spotlight History

Below are previous articles from Vennie's Spotlight. Visit often as we continue to add articles. 

(Past Posts)

Luis, Carlos, Juan Team of the Week!

4-12_T of the week.jpg

The North team has won Attendance of the Week! Congratulations! As a reward, they will be receiving a free lunch. Keep up the great work!

Wishing you the merriest holiday season!

New Ligature Resistant Linear Drain Cover!

Our Linear Drain Cover is a game changer for healthcare. It is a ligature-resistant shower drain cover designed to keep patients safe from harm. The tamper-resistant screws ensure a secure installation that can withstand even the roughest treatment. The material is made of high-quality 304 stainless cover, which makes it both durable and sleek looking. With a flow rate of 3+ gpm, it can handle even the most demanding situations. It is also available in all Vendura standard and custom shower base sizes.

Up for this years coveted “coolest shower base award”!


Don’t worry that it’s really a doggie wash station, the rules allow for a wide variety of entrees.


This beautiful doggie wash station is actually a 49” x 30” rear trench drain. Not only does it sport eight bright “LUPEZ” paw prints, but it also utilizes rare earth magnets to secure the drain cover (allows for easy cleaning).


Vendura utilizes it’s unique “LatiTile” technology to insert the paw prints. The surface is smooth and still 100% solid surface.


I wonder what cool product Vendura could make for you??????

Vennie and Paw Print Grooming Station 01
Vennie and Paw Print Grooming Station 02
Vennie and Paw Print Grooming Station 03


Vendura Industries is proud to have built and installed this wonderful wall sculpture called "Wall-E". Vendura teamed with @sculpturemilwaukee on their annual sculpture showing in Milwaukee, this year at the 3rd Street Market. Karl Wallick and UWM's School of Architecture & Urban Planning designed this 20 foot piece and worked with Vendura build and install.

Wall-E will be on display through August, so stop by the 3rd Street Market and see our wonderful creation.

Vendura is part of the BreakthrU Family of Companies. We are a supplier of specialized solid surface/epoxy/urethane solutions. Unique shower pans, wall protection, accessories, behavioral health drains, and installation/repair services. Let us help you connect architecture to art!

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