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Customizable solid surface options from a company that makes your needs a priority.


cleanliness & design

The needs of the Healthcare market are ever changing and advancing. Choose a company that makes innovation and product testing a priority. Vendura doesn't allow "standard" solid surface products to be your limit.



complimentary & enhanced

No matter your next project, Vendura will work with you to compliment your bathroom, work, or kitchen area! Ask about our color matching capabilities!

Residential Builders & Remodelers

warm + welcoming

Create comforts are something we come to enjoy and expect. Vendura offers warm and welcoming colors and textures that will make any space feel like home. 



modern + sophisticated

Taking traditional solid surface to a new level, Vendura offers illuminated, textured, high gloss and transparent solutions to achieve the high end, modern and inviting space that'll keep you patrons talking & coming back for more.


Shower Bases

standard, ADA, custom

We manage orders from 1 to 1000, from standard dimensions to custom sizes and drain locations, and you can pick any color.



customized & durable

Showcase your branding with customized solid surface solutions. Whether you want your design on a wall, shower base, or on any other surface, we will work with you to get the product you envision.

Behavioral Health

safety + innovation

The safety of patients and staff is of the highest importance to Vendura. We strive to offer ligature-resistant options that offer functionality, customization and safety while providing a comfortable and inviting environment.



sturdy & streamlined

There is a need for Military Barracks, family housing, and existing upgrades across our country. Vendura has a solution for your military housing needs. Our custom size and drain location options make renovation projects easy and affordable.

LatiTile™ Wall Systems

elegant + clean

Achieve all the beautiful aesthetics you've come to love from tile, with all the anti-microbial, easy-to-maintain qualities you'll find in solid surface. LatiTile™ Wall Systems offers you the ability to choose your faux grout line and tile color as well as design. 

Multifamily & Senior Living

safety + innovation

Enhance your apartments, condos, flats or any other mult-unit building with clean, safe, and custom solid surface products. Ask us how we keep your residents safe!

Higher Education

durable + timeless

Student Housing and athletic facilities require a durable, low-maintenance, long lasting product. Solid Surface shower bases, walls and vanities provide the perfect seamless solution for this application.


where better, becomes... the best

Currently Innovating.png
Currently Innovating.png


Behavioral Health products do require a hefty amount of strength, but they don't require a hefty price tag. Vendura has set out to provide a more functional, design friendly and cost effective vanity option.
Safety and quality without with price tag


In conjunction with Behavioral Health professionals, Vendura has developed a cutting edge, sleek and safe, ligature-resistant shower drain. The new Vendura BH-140-SD is the only option when it comes to the safety of patients and professionals.



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