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Meet Vennie!



My name is Vennie the Turtle, Director of Smiles at Vendura Industries. I love helping people smile through the highs and lows of each day, to persevere no matter the circumstance.

I was born a long time ago in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. I grew up swimming from island to island, living in harmony with nature. After graduating from Coral College in the Caribbean, I was lucky enough to find Vendura. Because of a very serious childhood illness, I grew up loving caregivers and appreciating those that design and build these wonderful medical facilities. Vendura gave me the opportunity to give back to those that saved my life. My shell is one of the hardest natural surfaces on earth, much like Vendura’s solid surface shower bases and vanities. I love nature, and I am proud of Vendura’s renewable properties and repairability. Vendura’s colors are varied and vivid, reminding me of my home. As I approach my 100th birthday, I am reminded of the longevity of Vendura’s chemistry. Lastly, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a staff that cares about its customers. At Vendura, we choose to live uncommonly and approach each day with a contagious perspective & energy, I am sure you’ll feel that energy when you work with us.

I hope you will send me an email and introduce yourself! I would love to send you a cuddly turtle. But most importantly, I hope you will email me asking to send a toy to a co-worker, loved one, or patient! How can I help you smile? How can I lighten your load? Share some Caribbean sun?

Remember to Smile,

Vennie the Turtle

Director of Smiles


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Ashley Paul.
Berners Schober

"I wanted to send a quick note of appreciation. I was off Friday so when I came in this morning, Vennie the Turtle made his way to my desk! While I don’t have Instagram, I wanted to send you a picture and show what a nice addition he made. He definitely made me smile so he’s doing his job well. Thanks guys, you truly rock and made my week 😊"

Vennie the Turtle_Testimonial copy.jpg

Hamish Macfarlane, Senior Engineer at JE Dunn Construction

”Vendura did a great job getting on-site when we needed them. Once here, David did the repair quickly & with great professionalism; his repair saved us a great amount of time & effort.”

Eric Draganac, Field Superintendent, Robins & Morton

"Subcontractor errors in field layout necessitated field modification of several Verdura shower pans.

This occurred several weeks prior to project turnover and required a solution that maintained the integrity of the pans as well as schedule demands.

Michelle Kartman immediately got David Rusher on site with all required materials to make the required repairs.

In addition to correcting the 9 pans that had to be altered, Mr. Rusher also identified several other issues and potential issues along with a quick and effective resolution.

Michelle and David's quick response time, effective scheduling/logistics, and thorough knowledge of their products design and installation methods provided a high-quality solution that stopped this issue from impacting job schedule and maintained quality installation for the owner.

Above all, their sense of urgency and product knowledge turned a potential 8 to 10 week issue into one that was resolved in less than a week."

Ramsey Grissom, Assistant Project Manager, Charles Perry Partners, Inc.

"David from Vendura was great to work with throughout this process and he seems to be a master of his trade. Not only did David communicate the why’s and how’s to both myself and the facility but he took the time to document his work for the facility to further understand Vendura's products and procedures."

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